Welcome to the online art museum of Dr. Masumi Hayashi, 20th Century American Artist. Dr. Hayashi was a Japanese-American fine art photographer born at the end of WWII, and is known primarily for her extensive body of panoramic photo-collage, taken at sites of cultural significance and collective memory. Dr. Hayashi was motivated to create fine art photography that succeeded visually, yet simultaneously inspired dialogue about cultural context. The Masumi Hayashi Museum features Dr. Hayashi's self-curated retrospective of her panoramic photo-collage and research, created between 1982 and 2006, and was originally launched in 2004. Dr. Hayashi's work gained significant attention in the United States, Europe and Asia. Her work has been exhibited in and collected by respected museums and galleries such as the International Center for Photography in New York City, the Tokyo Museum of Photography, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and the Ludwig Art Museum in Koblenz, Germany. Dr. Hayashi was a tenured professor at Cleveland State University, where she taught for 24 years.


For the Masumi Hayashi Museum website, Dr. Hayashi loosely organized her work into the following categories: Sacred Architectures, Japanese-American Internment Camps, Japanese-Canadian Internment Camps, Internee Survivor Portraits, Post-Industrial Landscapes, E.P.A. Superfund Sites, Abandoned Prisons, War and Military Sites, Commissions, and City Works. But her work defies easy categorization. Since Dr. Hayashi's passing, the Masumi Museum has expanded to take on a more archival focus.

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"Outlook: Masumi Hayashi", pt. 1 (2006)

"Outlook: Masumi Hayashi", pt. 2 (2006)

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