1. In Books

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2. In Professional Journals

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3. In Magazine/Newspapers

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4. Website

2004 "The Masumi Hayashi Museum", website exhibitions of Masumi Hayashi created by Etsuko Nagasawa Dunham and Masumi Hayashi showcasing projects of Professor Hayashi's including the Fulbright Fellowship work in India and Nepal.
2003/5 "Only Skin Deep," web exhibition group curated, for International Center for Photography, New York, New York. Bronze Metal by the American Association of Museums for website.
1997 "Masumi Hayashi, American Concentration Camps," designed, produced and created by Dean Akira Keesey, writing and artwork by Masumi Hayashi.

5. Media

2004 TV, PBS SPECIAL, "Outlook Program," "Masumi Hayashi exhibit," produced by John Nakanishi, aired on March 22, 2004, on stations WNTB, Morgantown, West Virginia.
  Virginia, WPBY, Charleston,/ Huntington, West Virginia, WSWP, Becky, West Virginia. 10 minute Special on one-person exhibit at Fairmount College of Art, Art Gallery, Morgantown, West Virginia.
2003 TV review of exhibiton: "Karin Higa talks about Masumi Hayashi," Asahi Homecast TV, News segment, 5 minute program, Los Angeles, California, aired on July 2, 2003. Review of Masumi Hayashi one-person exhibit, "Sights Unseen, The Photographic Constructions of Masumi Hayashi."


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