Gallery 1: Asian Temples and Ancestral Worship Project

INDIA ~Hindu and Jain Temples~


Rameshwaram Temple #1, Tamil Nadu, India


River Ganges,
Varanasi, India


Kund Pava Square
(Hanuman), Jaisalmer, India


Laxmana Temple,
Khajuraho, India


Kandrya Mahadav,
Khajuraho, India


Shore Temple,
Mamallapuram, India


Vijaya Vithala Temple,
Hampi, India


Jain Temple,
Jaisalmer, India


Airatesvara Temple,
Darasuram, India


Airatesvara Temple no.2,
Darasuram, India


Indra Subha,
Ellora Caves, India


Ellora Caves, number 21,
Ellora, India


Mantapa with Devotees,
Hampi, India


Muthiah Ayyanar Temple,
Katchadai Village, India


Man and God,
Hall of a Thousand Pillars,
Meenakshi Temple,
Madurai, India


The Saint in the Marketplace,
Meenakshi Temple,
Madurai, India


Mother and Child,
Meenakshi Temple,
Madurai, India


Nehru Lake,
Udaipur, India


Hemakuta Hill,
Hampi Ruins, India


INDIA ~Buddhist Temples~


Sarnath Ruins,
Sarnath, India


Bhutan Temple,
Bodh Gaya, India


Bodhi Tree,
Bodh Gaya, India


Norblinka Temple,
Dharamsala, India


Tsuglagkhang Temple,
Dharamsala, India

NEPAL ~Hindu and Buddhist Temples and Stupas~


Golden Temple,
Katmandu, India


Haluman Ghat (Cremation),
Bhaktapur, Nepal


Prayer Wheel,
Bodhnaht Stupa,
Kathmandu, Nepal


Swayambhunath Stupa,
Kathmandu, Nepal


Maha Buddah Temple,
Patan, Nepal

JAPAN/THAILAND ~Buddhist Temples~


City of the Dead
No. 2, Okunoin, Japan


Yai Chaya Mongkol,
Ayutthaya, Thailand






CAMBODIA ~Hindu and Buddhist Temples and Wats~


Angkor Wat, no. 1,
Angkor Wat, Cambodia


Banteay Srei,
Angkor Wat, Cambodia


Bayon, Angkor Thom,


Phreah Kahn,
Angkor Wat, Cambodia


Ta Prohm,
Angkor Wat, Cambodia

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