Gallery 5: City Works Project


West 25th Street Station, RTA
Cleveland, Ohio


Cultural Gardens no.1 (Yugoslavian) Cleveland, Ohio


Daeley Plaza, Dallas, Texas


Cultural Gardens No.3 (Hebrew) Cleveland, Ohio


L.A. Downtown, Los Angeles, California


Cultural Gardens no. 1 (Lithuanian) Cleveland, Ohio


Old Arcade Cleveland, Ohio


Palace Theatre Cleveland, Ohio


Pittsburgh Plate Glass Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Roman Baths Bath, England


Wall Street
New York, NY


Watts Towers
Los Angeles, California


Edgewater Park no.2
Cleveland, Ohio


Gallery 5: Commissioned Works


Jacobs Field
Cleveland, Ohio


Public Square Cleveland, Ohio


Waterworks Plant Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Cuyahoga County Courthouse no.2 Cleveland, Ohio


Union Terminal Cincinnati, Ohio


Fountain Square Cincinnati, Ohio


Elfreth's Alley Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


In Perspective Cleveland, Ohio


In Sight Cleveland, Ohio


RTA Bus Akron, Ohio


OSCRF Building Patio Columbus, Ohio


OSCRF Building Broad Street view Columbus, Ohio


Procter & Gamble Building, Blue Kettle Room Baltimore, Maryland


Procter & Gamble Building, Boat View Baltimore, Maryland


Procter & Gamble Building, Tanks Baltimore, Maryland


Tanjavur Palace Tanjavur, India

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